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Originally Posted by mjr24 View Post
This has not been announced. There has been a ridiculous amount of speculation and hearsay about what they are going to do with the BLNR. In reality, no one knows and likely won't until Basel. For every person who has it on "good authority" that's it being discontinued, another says they have it on "good authority" that they won't be discontinued. Some say they will change the one knows.

That is what has been fueling prices even in the last 2-3 weeks for those.

The bubble? Not likely to stop for awhile as there are MANY MANY more posts about waiting 1-2 years than there are waiting 1-2 months. Social media is definitely playing a part in the "perceived" availability (whether real or hysteria) of SS models.
It's been removed from here

It has also been removed from the ad catalogs for 2019.

This is how they "announce" it. They don't typically say "x watch will be gone" they just quietly remove it.

The speculation is on what the ln and blnr get replaced with. That is what we will find out at basel.

As for the availability, rolex told its ads to expect more limited quantities. As far as waitlists go, that's ad dependent. Spend a bunch at your ad, your wait is going to be much shorter than someone who walks off the street wanting to be on the waitlist.
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