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Question What Formula 1 Needs

ideas will be sent to FIA, hoping they consider..

thought it can be interesting to gather ideas..
even if im super happy with Merc's dominance in recent years, there can be things to boost racing without slowing the cars down.. some may sound extreme or easy to do..

1. longer straights that forces teams to use lower downforce setup.. cause each meter after reaching top speed makes the leading car vulnerable.. and heavy braking zone is a big overtake advantage..

2. adding 1-2 less than 60-70kmh corners can avoid aero grip and using mechanical grip only.. not even mentioning the braking zone before the corner to widen the chance of an overtake.. closing the gap in the corner will allow the follower car to exit the corner closer..

3. DRS duration can vary on each team.. there should be more advantage on slower cars.. equal on each car is not fair.. it can be based on the recent constructor points..

4. wider tracks.. wider tracks and turn combinations will alter different racing lines on the corners to avoid aero grip lose for following the car in front.. and the next idea is necessary to complete this one..

5. cleaning the track before the GP weekend.. nothing high tech about this.. 3-5 or more vehicle that each municipality uses for cleaning the streets can be useful to clean the track also.. overtaking almost always requires going off the racing line and if there is dust things are getting even harder.. drivers shouldnt hesitate to use different lines because sticking dirt to their tires..

6. mild banking on mid speed corners.. 1-2 on each track.. banking will allow to keep the mechanical grip in the game a bit more and take off some the disadvantage of following a car..

7. not changing the regulations of cars and engines regularly.. cause each big regulation change is leading one team shine more than others.. keep the regs longer or changing them smaller will give time to other teams and gaps will be much smaller..

8. im not sure it can work but like we re using in prokart or other series that adding weight to faster car to create a handicap based on the previous race.. even if probably big teams will produce cars according the max handicap weight, it still can be useful..

9. longer braking distances.. like 25-30% longer braking.. cause most of the overtakes finish in the following corner and recently F1 cars almost brake at the entry of the corner.. braking distance is too short.. this can be achieved by thinner discs or smaller disc diameter easily.. i guess all the teams are customers of Brembo..

10. like DRS based on the constructor points more electric juice on slower cars to compensate the power difference..

these are the initial ideas i have for some time.. what do you guys suggest or think to boost the competition among drivers?
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