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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post

On the subject of Gordon Murray's Fan's funny, we were actually discussing this over the weekend with a friend of mine who is getting a T50 (name?) and has a follow-up meeting with Mr. Murray this month.

I also thought the car was banned but it was actually voluntarily withdrawn by Mr. Ecclestone. The teams all got together and told him that if he ran the car in the next race, they would all withdraw and they'd be left alone to drive in in circles on an empty track. Good ole' F1 history from the horses mouth, once removed.

Great post!!

that sounds pretty cool.. wondering if he can pick up some information about the engine.. im guessing engine will need to be replaced every 30-40k km but it may surprise also.. and for the name i believe it include some F1 in the end or something.. he ll connect the car with McLaren F1 somehow..
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