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Bluetooth and iPhone X connectivity issues

Often when I get into my car, the Bluetooth doesn't connect. So I get no CarPlay no phone nothing connected. Trying to connect from within the car fails to see the phone; trying to connect from within the phone does connect for a brief second but disconnect again.
My car is brand new 2020 model, my phone is iPhone X with latest updates always.
The problem been going on since I got the car. Sometimes it doesn't happen, other times it is happening every time I get in the car.
Re-pairing the phone to the car works flawlessly but is time consuming and weird to expect me do it when I did not have any such issues in may 10 year old 2005 e90.
Anyone experienced similar issues? Any fix?
My 1st love was 2006 BMW 325i Sport + Prem 6MT but I married the 2016 M3 BSM MDCT.