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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
GoPro has about 9 months before the company is dead.

It's like buying a blackberry for the great app ecosystem.
I disagree, I actually think go pro hasn't even peaked yet and their brand will be growing strong this year.
9 months is pretty short. I see them being around for at least another 5 years.

They have great marketing and their name is the first to come to mind when it comes to filming anything action/outdoor related. Viral videos, deals like the NHL agreement to put gopros on players during games and anyone that wants to record something outside automatically thinks, "should I get a gopro?" And they consistently come in 1st in comparisons/reviews

I do think their products are over priced, or they at least need a better entry level model then what they offer currently, and I think there's room in that market for a big player like Apple to come in and push their weight around, some have tried but it's been a half hearted/ failed attempt. That market is ready for a big #2 player to go against gopro

Apple does have the resources and technology to put out a killer outdoor cam, but I see them doing it in 3-4 years at least. And I think Apple's camera will be more of an upscale camera, compared to gopro's "everyman" brand image. Apple current image is of, design, beauty, class, etc. even their iwatch is only slightly marketed towards sports,sweat,running, outdoor.
So for Apple to create a camera and aim it towards rugged, outdoor, drop it from a plane, feed it to a shark, put it on your dogs back, etc, it'll feel very unnatural, people associate gopro for those types of things.

If gopro can stay agile, respond quickly to the market, and be aware of what people want, I think they stand a good chance of sticking around.

This is all just my opinion

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