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Originally Posted by Blksnowflake
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Dackleone I am trying to find the words for the photographs I just viewed and to be honest I am struggling to come up with anything adequate.

I hope to attend next year with my automotive writer hat on to experience this event. And I already know that I will try and stay forever once I get there.

WOW!!!!!! Yes, this ^

I want to throw on my best suit, buy a hat and grab nice smoking pipe, throw some Grey Poupon in the dash just in case and experience this.

That is what I would do. The magazine I write for is sending me to Monterey this August and I cannot wait.

I will be wearing Brunello Cucinelli there and I am attending Legends of the Autobahn, BMW Festorics and the big one on Sunday.

The Pebble Beach Concours. I am still contemplating what to wear to it, but it will be elegant and sophisticated with a dash style.

I would say the same thing about going to Lake Como.

Wear something simple and elegant and the kicks must be top notch!