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Did you get to hear the exhaust with the resonator (i.e. Remus axleback) and the without the resonator (i.e. Remus catback).

I'm wondering if it's worth the $800 over the axleback...looks like it just removes the factory resonator...wonder if it's cheaper to just have it cut out and straight piped as opposed to buying the catback.

Did you ever check out the Dinan exhaust? Wondering how it compares to the others....seems similar to MPE without the exhaust valve.

Thanks, comrade!
Originally Posted by Ictus View Post
MPE is good with removed resonator only.
For Remus Cat-back price was about 4200 $ [2000 $ (axle-back) + 1400 $ (carbon tips) + 800 $ (midpipe)]. But i paid for all with free instalation 3500$ I know that price is high but the only thing that i hated in my car was exhaust. And now i'm really happy with new sound.

It's silent in comfort mode. The activation of the valve is carried out using the original actuator via the vehicle onboard electronics. Switching to Sport mode is making sound louder and aggresive. Pops and bangs! But no pops and bangs in comfort. When i drive car with my family i use comfort mode. When i'm alone i use Sport+ and having fun)