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Bring it to discount tire. They will do it for free.
Most discount tire stores are using tire mounting machines from the 1980s. Beware as these machines struggle removing 18"+ run flat low profile tires. In other words expect the lip of the rim to not look the same post repair.

Find a tire shop with a Leverless mounting machine or one with an automated arm (hands off tire removal with only a nylon wheel touching the inside bead of the rim) . You can find some good examples on the Hunter Engineering website.
If you can afford the car, you can afford a new tire. Why take a chance?
Well, I choose to not piss money away unnecessarily. But yes there's scenarios where you shouldn't chance it and instead just replace the tire. I'm comfortable I know when to repair /replace but can easily see many drivers just don't understand the variables.

Lack of understanding by drivers and tire shops is predominantly why tire OEMs push for replacements instead of repair options. They just don't want the liability.
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