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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
Calling out is meaningless it's just words on a post. so what why not actually hold trump responsible and make him and his kind accountable? If you really believe what he's doing fiscally is wrong you should be out there trying to get him voted out! Even more then the most liberal person

Many months ago I make a post asking why these shady politicians get away with being liars and spending money like this and everyone said it's because ppl don't care and forget etc, I think even you said something like that. If that's true you should be out even in front of democrats to get rid of this guy who is spending record amounts and it's still just 2019.

All trump has to do is say something bad about some minority or call democrats socialists and ppl automatically forget about what he is doing with insane spending. Remember when everyone here was going crazy about Obama spending? Now it's crickets!

You should do something about the real damage this guy and those shady crazy republicans doing right now instead of some fake made up tax that isn't real and never would happen
I dont know maybe you should clean up the mess within your own party before you throw stones. Democrats went from a party for the middle class, to a party of socialists. Look at your candidates... They all want socialism, free everything. And in less than 10 years the Democrats went from DACA to open borders and free shit for people who come over here. This is the type of shit your party is pushing for. Who is going to pay for it all? Us, via massive tax hikes.