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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
Many months ago I make a post asking why these shady politicians get away with being liars and spending money like this and everyone said it's because ppl don't care and forget etc, I think even you said something like that. If that's true you should be out even in front of democrats to get rid of this guy who is spending record amounts and it's still just 2019.

Oh - I do care, and again, you would know this if you read my posts with more than a cursory glance.

As I've said before, however, our current political system allows a choice of only two options. With exception of perhaps Biden (although I am on the fence with this one), none of the current options being proffered by the Democrat party for 2020 will be better for this country than what we currently have (Trump). As such, I will most likely 'vote for the lessor of two evils' yet once again.
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