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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
I dont have a whole lot to add here, but did you really just blame a political party for diabetes?

Or, and I hope this is correct, are you saying it is a political partys fault for wanting to have people get end of life care, cancer care and diabetes care.
No, I'm not blaming the Republican party for diabetes. What I am blaming/faulting or calling them out in is whenever anyone/Dems suggest we try to change the culture of shitty food/sedate lifestyles in the US..........they get all up in arms about curtailing freedoms etc. Then when it comes time to pay the piper for said bad decisions everyone (Republican supporters included) have their hand out wanting the meds/care.

As I agreed with Run Silent the only way to fix the health care mess is a very large culture change in the US in a lot of ways. A big part of that is on the front end with dietary habits and exercise. There are numerous other things that would need to change as well, but being proactive about ones health instead of reactive would be a huge start.

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