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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I'm saying I know, and most people probably know. For those they want to reach and teach, they can put up big billboards like the "smoking kills" ads they put everywhere or add labels to the coke bottles saying drinking excessive amounts of coke is not good for your health.

I don't drink coke that often but it's a treat when I do get one. Getting taxed on sugar added drinks is stupid. A bottle of orange juice has much more sugar in it than a can of coke. The coke gets the tax, not the orange juice.
Cmon, the vast majority know drinking too much pop or consuming other sugary things (or just eating too much) makes you obese. You can only educate people so much and they will still over indulge. Do we really need to put up signs saying stop eating such huge portions? People know the hazards of drinking and drinking and driving. Both are still at epidemic proportions.

Since you rarely get a Coke, how big of a deal is it to you? It couldn't of cost you that much over your life to bother you that bad. I've paid gas guzzler tax on my cars and pay a higher price for premium. Shit costs money and there is no free lunch if you want to do certain things. I'm not sure why paying a tax on unhealthy items to help pay for healthcare is any different.