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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
Thats not right. First thing people let go for cheap is luxury items. It's like the market poor people panic and rich take advantage.
unfortunately that wont have a big affect on the rolex market.

New rolex will continue to sell for MSRP at the AD. There are too many people out there with money after rolex, and a slowing economy wont affect that.

The secondary market might take a dip, but you will still see the sought after rolex going for a premium, because again, there are too many people with money after rolex.

Do you think someone who is paying double MSRP for a Daytona is someone that needs to worry about a slowing economy?

Also, something to consider is a lot of these watches are going overseas. As long as one of those markets' economy is doing well, the prices will stay where they are at.

Your best bet to getting cheap rolex from people that need to sell due to the economy, is to know people that cant afford the rolex they bought in the first place, or to establish yourself as a premier dealer prior to a market crash.
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