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Originally Posted by HFW003 View Post
My Son played it and said it was the worst (most boring) game he has ever played. I've just started and I have to agree with him so far. A lot of walking about doing nothing so far.
There is no depth to the story. Forced ideological stances; everything is symbolic. Leaves the characters as hollow vessels representing an idea rather than substance. Tired ideas at that.

The game reminds me a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn; the entire world existed to showcase the stupid ass main character's virtues. Everything existed for her Mary Sue progression and "what she stood for". This is supremely unfair to the characters herself as well since, like I said above, they also just serve to represent *something*. Typical comic book style of symbolic moral struggles.

Compare LOU2 and HZD above to something like Nier Automata; the main characters in Nier were part of something way bigger than themselves and what we played was a small slice of a bigger, mysterious universe that had its own rules and its own past, present, and future... each of which may or may not play a part in the slice of a story we were part of by way of the main characters. There was dogma here too. There were ideologies at play, and yet all those things didn't matter for shits because the world, the universe, was way bigger than the sensibilities of our characters and what they represented; in fact, what do the main characters even represent in Nier is a great question to ponder, especially in the context of the "good" ending. That was an amazing story and a lovely game to play. LOU2 is cheap trash built for cheap trash.