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Originally Posted by dtwyim View Post
Much easier and cheaper to re-do the dip than to re-paint.
That makes sense, but it would seem that the end result does not live up to the expectations of those who opted for the dip, according to the posts on this thread.

It would seem that most here prefer the end result of the wrap over the dip because the dip process seems to be leaving people disappointed. Perhaps this is one of those things that fall under the "you get what you pay for" category.

When I first heard of the dip procedure, of course I looked up the process on youtube. It looks like it works well, has a high gloss/wet look to it, takes no time at all, and can pretty much be any color or pattern you wish for. I was dead set on getting the farings done on my bike, as soon as I can find the time, lol.

Now, after reading some of the negative reasoning against the plasti-dip, I am once again on the fence as to what procedure I should use to change the look of my bike.

If anyone has had anything dipped, please post pics and share your actual first-hand experience and level of "happiness" with the end result for those of us who have yet to see the real thing and how it holds up over time.
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