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Originally Posted by Questofthetune View Post
Lmao do you mean the Ford Fusion
Of course - Isn't that what we're talking about here?

Back on topic:

1. I don't believe anyone has mentioned that Tesla lost 20% of it's stock value last week, because Wall St. Finally got fed up with promises vs. delivery.

2. If Tesla doesn't get competitive fast on its pricing for home batteries and solar products, it will fail. The question is, "Five years from now, which of Tesla's businesses will be the biggest drag on the other two?"

3. Mercedes has already moved way ahead of Tesla in the consumer-friendly EV marketplace:

4. If EVs become the choice of a majority of drivers, the electric grid in the U.S. - which is already a cumbersome, cobbled-together and fragile machine - will have major problems, even if the EV-charging loads are all switched to low or non-peak generation times. Love brownouts and blackouts? You haven't seen anything yet!