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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
Tesla isn't just currently creating cars-- they're building the entire infrastructure to support EV production (namely batteries). Once that's up and running, their position should be quite strong-- supplying batteries to most of their competitions, homes, etc.
Thats very true. They're also buying other companies that specialize in EV production, like they did with grohmann engineering (company that specializes in automation of factories).
They're basically creating a new industry off which other manufacturers will buy services.

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
That said, in that period with the tesla you are also not paying for
oil filters
engine air filter
spark plugs
coil packs
cam position sensors
throttle position sensors
diff fluid
trans fluid
valve cover gaskets
oil filter housing gaskets
head gaskets
DI clean outs
exhaust mounts
as many brake pads/rotors

Or labor on any of the above

Not hard to hit $10,000 of parts/labor in 10 years. Most civics probably experience that.
That doesnt mean things in EV's cant break down. EV's are very complicated cars with a tonne on very very expensive electronics. And in cars general electronic problems are a major part of all the problems.
Recently there was a tesla model S with 170k miles in a dutch car magazine article (video) where they look at cars with high mileage, and it was certainly not perfect. The engine already had been changed. Its not that they dont break down, its just that other parts may break down. I fear what an electric drive on a tesla costs.....
The point is that tesla offers a very good 8 year warranty, but what after that?
Or what about cheaper EV cars, will they be offered the same superb guarantee (bmw only offers 2 years, where kia gives 7 years)
Another point of critisism in that video on that tesla was the large maintenance interval. That ment that (also with that car) many miles were driven with beginning defects. So the problems encountered with EV's are different, not necessarily fewer.

And except for the engine/powerplant, an EV is just a regular car with regular shocks, suspension bushings etc. (only usually heavier so it may get heavier loads...)
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