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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
Elon knows there will be competition eventually, which is why he has re-positioned the company toward the energy sector.

Tesla's automotive branch has too large a cult following to go under. I used to work regularly with Tesla and their clients...90% of them are rich nerds obsessed with their gadgets. They are not real car guys. Seriously, what car enthusiast gets excited about autonomous driving? I agree that it has its positive points, but a true car enthusiast will always want to do the driving. Elon is the modern day Steve Jobs to the Tesla cult.
Yes and no. I agree with the disciples of tesla being rich geeks. However, I believe this amounts for a very small segment of the population. Using your IPhone example, this represents the customers willing to to stand on line to get the new iPhone on the first day. The genius of the IPhone is it has mass appeal to a broader market that accounts for the vast majority of sales after day one. I do not see this having this appeal. The smartphone brings convenience to life. It alows a user to have a whole host of new capabilities that wasn't availabe before on one device. This doesn't.
An ICE vehicle is actually more convenient. The EV brings lower carbon emissions and novelty to the table. In their expensive existing products brings the thrill of very fast initial acceleration. The 3, which is to be the mass market vehicle doesn't. The ev however has limited range, longer refueling times, higher cost icuding fuel costs, and a host of other issues and obsiclesit needs to overcome to win the sales war with the general public. I don't see climate change and gadgety beating familiarity, economics, and ease of use. Then throw in the true car enthusiast not wanting it and sales become even more daunting. The way I see sales going, they will get the first day sales surge like iPhones of technogeeks and greenies, but on day two there won't be any more customers as they will be in line as usual to buy a Camry.