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Originally Posted by AddyDaddy View Post
No! I sold my draggy when I traded my M5 in on this car in May. I can do the bypass plug in 5 minutes and there is a 4wheel dyno shop close to me,
Planning on going there and doing baseline runs and runs with Dinan. It's just so hot and humid down here I'm scared to be disappointed in the numbers. I normally dyno my cars within the first few weeks before I do any modding.
As long as you Dyno same day same weather that will be your gains/delta .. make sure Dyno shop adds the Weather Factors settings to show in the runs.
(So this way if someone Dyno in 40F iif he does baseline + tune those will be his gains, and if you do 100F dyno that day same for you)

Dragy is great because $140 you can do baseline / tune today and then next month some more when weather is better etc.
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