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I've never made chicken wings before, so I decided it was time.

I Smoked them for about 90 minutes, then let them cool a bit before tossing them in the fryer. They turned out good, the skin was crispy and meat was juicy.

Since it was one of my 'experimental' days I fried some plain, and coated some with a very thin 'badder' to see what I liked better.

I had a couple of sauces to toss them in, my favorite was my rib BBQ sauce mixed with 'Franks' hot sauce, it was SO good.

after eating about 6 wings I remembered why I never order wings in a bar or restaurant, and why I will probably never make them again. They are a pain in the ass to eat, messy, and I don't really like them.

But the sauce mixture was a win, I'll find something to put it on.