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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
1LE is a monster. It's fun to have something that aggressive, but it's not too aggressive for daily driving and most other situations. This is a sad week, as I am going to install my winter wheels on it...and they aren't 305s. The alpha chassis camaro is deceivingly small. It somehow manages to "appear" wider, but in reality it's significantly smaller in every dimension than the previous camaro, it just doesn't look it. In my garage, I expect it to be "full" when I park it close to one of the ends, but then there's a huge gap behind the vehicle because it's shorter than I expect. They really went out of the way to make it (the chassis) as stiff as possible.
It was eye opening for me when I couldn't pass a ZL1 1LE at Auto Club Speedway on Stock sized Supercar 3Rs, not because he's got ~200HP on me, but because I couldn't get a good enough exit speed out of the slow corners leading up to the long straights. It was eye opening how he was able to lay down the power in the 2 hairpins and the one 90 combo chicane.

It is a weird sensation to get so used to a car that feels like it's carved out of a single block of billet aluminum then get in the Corvette. It's not noodle-y soft by any means, but you do sense the chassis flexing when the rebounding forces act upon each axle on opposite end of the car. It's fantastic in the faster corners but laying down power in tight turns seems to be an exercise in patient and a guessing game as to when the tires are going to "hook up."

Overall, the Corvette is still a better chassis though, with a much MUCH lower center of gravity and less of an aerodynamic brick (and a shape far more conducive to cutting through air). But man...If they ever make a competitive, fixed roof body with 20-25% more structural rigidity? The Corvette would absolutely SLAY.

But I get it. The Camaro has lots of warts. it's a gigantic 2 door car with unsightly lines and questionable interior. And you have to deal with the image of being a Camaro driver, where as the Corvette DOES seem to attract slightly more upscale and refined rednecks (and the occasional middle aged 'ABC' Asian dude).

Back to the original question though, the Corvette is a lot more car for the money that's for sure. And with the imminent arrival of C8 on dealership lots, I'm now seeing C7 M7s being discounted at well over 20%, making a bare-boned 1LT Stingray with Z51 performance package in the mid to LOW $40K range new. That is a metric sh*t ton of car for $45K, and by that I don't mean it's heavy...It's actually LIGHTER than the M2C by about 100 lbs.

It's a lot of car. A LOT.
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