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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Your comment is not correct like usual ...
Lewis was butthurt in Monza and Spa , because he lost it there from Charles !
Lewis actually "made" the word => "The Ferrari Jet-Mode" That's what he said to the press . Lewis was the first to talk about the Ferrari "JET-Mode"

Lewis didn't had the balls to make it open for the FIA .
But MAX had the balls to do it mate ! Because Ferrari was cheating and it was visible for the whole world . The Ferrari pace (top-speed) was onreal on the straights !

It was actually really strange at that moment when MAX told that Ferrari was cheating .
Suddenly the Ferrari's were going slower ...and it was a fact
Saying the Ferrari had "jet-mode" is hardly accusing them of cheating. Rather it is saying it is unbelievable fast in a straight line, however that may be achieved.

Max had no right saying that Ferrari was cheating, even if they did, without producing evidence.