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Yes I have it. based in UK with a July 2017 build.
Not sure it's down to hardware as such , may be just firmware as coincidentlly, July builds onwards in the UK were the first to have the lane change assistant enabled. But I digress.

not aware of any hardware changes and suspect it's simply down to firmware (ISTEP levels). My guess is that it may be but BMW are only prepared to support it on builds from xx/xx onwards.

I guess you could press then and ask if its down to the level of ISTEP on teh car and if so, if you could get your car flashed to a later version. Then raises the question of the connected website though , how does it know what firmware you have on the car? Maybe it's just going by the VIN to determine whether its capable or not. Might be the easites form their point of view fo support purposes.

So my guess (and it is just a guess) is that technically it might be possible but whether BMW has the will to pursue it is another matter.

having said all that, I've not really used it on my car! You hav to zoom in very close to see.