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Well I truly appreciate the effort you put into replying— thanks very much. The car is a 2017.

I thought the warranty coverage was reasonable but I admit to being green behind the ears here. Essentially I have the balance of the 4yr/50k "new car warranty" (exp 4/2021). After this expires, a 1yr/unlimited miles "certified pre owned" warranty kicks in (exp 4/2022)— primary difference is no maintenance with the CPO warranty, I suppose:

VS new— I'm near the top of the range I wanted to spend. Thus a new one for around 40% more doesn't seem to be as good a value. Of course if reliability problems are large...
I did rent a 2019 530i with what I think were the same seats recently for a week. I felt fairly comfortable in them.

Am I getting myself in deep with a used BMW G30, or is it kind of a crap shoot? will be losing a couple of years of warranty coverage but $17K buys you a lot of repairs.

If the car has had its scheduled maintenance, and you do the same with it, there is no reason to believe it will not be reliable.

BUT, reliability is a statistical concept and it breaks down on single units. So you pays your money and youse takes your chances (to quote a Tammany Hall politician at the turn of the 20th century).

You will have a few years to see if it proves reliable. If it doesn't, sell it. Otherwise keep it and enjoy it.