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Where is the Earth Shattering Ka Boom?
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I have been experimenting more. Seems you don't even have to nudge the wheel. I sit with mr right hand on my right knee, palm up and just let my fingers drag on the bottom right lower corner of the wheel. The. Wheel freely slips through my fingers and I never get the yellow caution. Somehow the car knows my fingers are on the wheel.

540 is such a clever car.
If your steering wheel is low enough and your leg is brushing the steering wheel, that'll do the job too

But when you do that, you need to stay alert and watch the road carefully as the car will disengage steering assist without any audible warning.
I always watch the road and drive carefully. I'm always alert. My reason for starting this thread wasn't so I could hope in the backseat with the good lady on the way to work ( although that would be nice). It's more to see if it was possible and to stop the nag screen.

Also I have coded the car for video in motion but I don't drive along with the TV on and me watching it.

All in all I'm vary happy with the car