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Originally Posted by ALPINA_DREAMS View Post
Originally Posted by SweEngineer View Post
I can't really understand the Alpina.
What's so premium with a standard 5-series with some cheap add-ons (front lip/splitter), or the cheap decals that were used back in the 80s?
I'm sure if any forum member saw that lip on ebay they wouldn't dare adding it to their car.
Sure there is a v8, but that's almost the same as in the M550 with some tweaks.
Oh and let's not forget the huge price difference between this and M550.

The M550 though is an amazing package with all the comfort one could ask for such as comfort seats with high quality Merino/Nappa leather, great suspension and the M-sport package.
As far as I know, most people here on the forum opt for M-sport package because it adds so much more of the BMW sporty attributes.
The way I see it M550 is the best saloon out there for anyone who wants a great V8 sub M5 level.

I'm honestly interested in knowing what draws your attention to the Alpina, because I haven't understood it for the last 15 years.
If you don't understand it then it's definitely not for you.

Alpina has a legendary racing heritage, far more illustrious than BMWs M-Division, and they incorporate that into their builds with various engine and suspension tuning.

It's crazy to me how people will pass judgment on a car they have never even sat in, let alone driven spiritedly.
Ditto, Jeremy Clarkson is pretty good judge of cars imho. Apologies to the OP for kind of hijacking your thread