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I cannot say I knew too much about Alpina, other than occasionally seeing B7's around here until seeing both the posted video and Clarkson/The Grand Tour video in this thread. I think watching both videos kind of explains the goal of the B5, albeit not the history of Alpina, a good bit. A few people on here have pointed out the heritage and prestige of Alpina to which I didn't previously know (thanks). The comparison of the M550i to the B5 fell a bit flat for me. However, as a follow up to the M550i compare, seeing Clarkson drive it alongside the M5 kind of helped me really understand where it sits more.

However, the main problem I have in seeing its value prop is the pricing. Just based on my watching these videos -- it seems the B5 is a bit faster and perhaps a good chunk more sporty than the M550i and a bit more comfortable. However, it's not as sporty or fast as the M5 but is a chunk more comfortable than it. Yet it's pricetag is > M5 Competition range.. this is the part where I think I have trouble following. Maybe it's more of a thing where you have to experience the car to understand the value -- perhaps not something that can come across in a video or spec sheet. In my mind it seems like it's something that would sit in between the price range of the M550i (highly optioned) and the M5C.