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Originally Posted by Chuckyarla View Post
I have managed to get the system to show (and read out) my emails but I can't get it to show my text messages. Can anyone help? I have an iphone 5c and I don't have Enhanced Bluetooth. There is no option on the phone under the bluetooth menu to show notifications for the BMW.

On the idrive menu: select Communication tile. Under the tile is messaging and this where your text messages are displayed.

It shows full messages when not driving and whilst driving it shows partial messages and reads out the whole massage if you click on the loudspeaker icon beside the message for both my iPhone 5 and Samsung S5. It only allows me to reply by dictation when driving with the Samsung but not with my iPhone 5. Also for Iphone, It only shows messages received whilst connected to idrive whilst on Samsung it shows all messages that are in the phone (both old and new).

You can cross make calls between two different phones. (You can call number that is stored on a phone from another phone as far as both are connected to idrive)

I did not need any special set up for the Samsung apart from just connecting by bluetooth to idrive but you would need an extra setup for iPhone . I was able to receive messages from it by following the advice from this youtube video:

I have a technology package which includes enhanced bluetooth, whether this is necessary I am not sure

Th other way round is to use apple CarPlay. Another option I have because of the nature of my work, though proving a bit redundant because of the above. Even if Apple CarPlay is not factory optioned, you can buy it directly from Connected drive store in the car. The functionality is the same or probably better than IDrive. It would read out the text message to you and you can reply by dictation. The same for phone calls etc. However it is limited to apple iPhones and you cannot cross call.

The third way is to use Siri directly by pressing the voice command button on the steering wheel for few seconds and Siri's Voice would be activated through the car speakers. You can command Siri to read out your unread text messages and can reply or compose text messages for you. Hopefully this does not need enhanced bluetooth

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