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Originally Posted by hogwldfltr View Post
I'd look up/investigate his reputation on TRF.

While you're nosing around the Rolex Forums you'll likely see my screen name over there as I've got around 22K posts+ there under the same screen name.

That is the issue with RSC; they don't like to return watches with original parts specifically tritium dials and hands. If someone is a serious collector or wants to retain the value of their watch, the more original the better. Better off going with a well known indie like Rik.

I had my wife's Tudor serviced by RSC. It was expensive; they screwed it up and tried to blame her because it acted exactly the way it did when we sent it to them. The service cost more than the watch did. The second time in they fixed it correctly.
I was just offering my personal experience with him. My watch came out great.