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Originally Posted by CLABRO View Post
How is the ride with the +5 bigger sidewalk of the tires? They fit the fender gap nicely. Interested how the ride idc compared to stock?
My car came with the 19" wheels on Run Flat Tires from the factory. The ride was terrible. Felt every bump and crack in the pavement. One of the tires bubbled up but was replaced under the manufacturer warranty. So now I'm on 20" wheels with these bigger tires and the ride is like night and day. SO much more comfortable and forgiving. Here in NY they were a huge improvement. The roads here are terrible. They fill the gap nicely, look better and more appropriate fitting for the size of the car and rims. No complaints. I'm lowered on Dinan springs and running an aggressive offset on my AG wheels and no rubbing issues at all. Speedo reads on point with my Dragy so no issues there either. One of the guys here pulled up the calculator and did the math and these tires aren't a problem. Highly recommend this size.