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I think the number of people changing their cars after a year but be a small percentage as the costs to do so are pretty horrendous. If you can afford to do that (whether leasing or having purchased) lucky you!

I was wondering if those may have been W demo or ex staff cars possibly?

Probably fair to say that if you in the market for a 540 then you have high standards as to what you want and possibly get disappointed by something that a lot of people would still consider to be good.

Everyone is different so pure speculation on my part.

I saw a video for the 8 gran coupe and thought it was a good car - specs fairly similar to a well species 5 give or take but the price was quite a bit more and I thought to myself, the 5 has pretty much the same specs - on paper at least so why pay more? Simplifying things obviously and it may well drive differently .