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Originally Posted by LuvMyE92 View Post
What did you think of the ride quality compared to your 5?
It was definitely tighter. My 530e M Sport has VDC and is on Continental winter tyres (non rft) so is really comfortable but tight when necessary. Also, as it is a 530e it doesnít have M suspension. The 840 didnít have adaptive so perhaps my comparison is misleading against a standard 5 series M Sport.

The car I drove listed at nearly £ 90k and it just didnít seem like a car of that cost. I happily returned it and got back in my G30.

I am probably being very unfair to the 8 as it was a convertible in November and I really prefer comfort over looks.

I just took a look at deals available in the U.K. - over £ 20k off list of 850iís