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Originally Posted by LuvMyE92 View Post
I was looking at my local dealer's inventory (I've got an itch for an 8 series) and noticed that they had several (like 5 or more) used 2019 540i each with only a few thousands miles.

It's not real unusual - heck, my car (2019 540i) has less than 5K on it and I'm already thinking of something else (although reality will shortly bite me on the butt when I compare lease payments) and it makes me wonder, is it the nature of this market niche, that people sell/trade these things in the first year, at a huge loss, or are the known issues with the car (few, but include the highway vibrations) enough to get people to switch?

Curious to hear what others think.

FWIW, the last car I sold because I was so disgusted with it was the F10 535i. That steering was abysmal. Big mistake buying that one.
I was planning on seeing if I could get my dealer to buy out my lease or get me transferred into something different because I was unhappy with my 540 during my time with the vehicle, but had planned on waiting till something new had come out at BMW (8-series and 3-series weren't available yet at the time).

This was the plan, or to either just wait out the lease despite my lack of enjoyment with the vehicle, but then the car ended up being totaled when someone ran a red light and straight into my car. I went to Mercedes because at the time my wife's E90 335 was pretty much at the end of its life so we were left with one car and I needed to get something for myself, but the BMW's I was interested in weren't available.

I think most of the low milage used cars are either one of two things.

1) BMW demo/loaners. These vehicles are likely those included in BMW's SEC scandal where dealers had bought the cars as new for themselves and then sold them with little to no milage months later as used/executive demos/CPO, hence why there are so many used BMW's for sale with less than 2k miles.
2) People who have the money to just upgrade whenever they want something new. They like their car but can't own it for more than 2-3 years without getting bored or wanting something newer, better, different, etc. I know that there are a bunch of people like this on the forums who will upgrade to new cars fairly often.
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