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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Alright, I searched this thread....

Anyone have a review of Wilmington (NC) grills?

I'm considering a purchase of one.

Bumping my own Post...

I decided to buy a Wilmington grill. Assembled it on Friday and cooked steak on it for the first time last night. While the grill is obviously not yet seasoned, but the meat tasted great and the grill cooks most excellently.

But really what I want to convey is the build quality of this product is just fantastic. Every metal part save the drip tube (aluminum) and the ball valve (brass) is 304 stainless steel. The wheel axle is a solid stainless rod, the cotter pins are stainless steel, even the hinges for the hood are stainless steel. The grill body is welded, break-bent sheet stainless steel, every joint or connection is either welded or bolted with 300-series stainless hardware. The wheels are 10" solid rubber tires on plastic rims with bearings! The warranty on the grill body is 7 years. The burner carries a lifetime warranty.

If you want a rust-free all-stainless steel constructed BBQ grill, the Wilmington line of grills is a top-notch product.
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