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We get it, ďPC MASTERRACE!Ē 🙄 people miss the idea that we play console because of the slim form factor, convenience with minimal power usage, and the console exclusive titles. Sure, I can build a budget PC and use a console controller to play games on it. But I would also need to spend the time to configure the settings of each and every game I play so that it doesnít run like shit on the budget graphics cards. Not to mention the convenience of just grabbing my controller, hitting the Ps button and the console, TV Soundbar all turn on at once. Using a PC Iíd still have to turn on everything myself (call me lazy). Consoles have always brought one thing PC canít and thatís Convenience. Try packing your PC into a pelican carry case to use as your personal item on an airplane.

All of this doesnít mean that consoles couldnít have a modular design to them for APU, CPU/GPU, Storage (expansion even, add a second PCIe slot for NVMe SSDs!), and RAM.

I believe it hasnít been implemented with consoles because itíd kill sales during the midlife refresh that they typically do. However, they could offset this by offering extended warranties (I donít buy them knowing the console will be refreshed in 3-4 years anyways), and even HW upgrade services or proprietary HW for those upgrades. We all know services make the most money, not the hardware. Thereís a reason major companies are going to subscription based services, branching into new markets (PSVue) and offer other streaming services.

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