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At gym last night. The same toothpick thin old woman I've mentioned in the past is doing inclined leg presses. She throws on two 45 lb plates on each side of the sled. Proceeds to "work out" her 2x4 legs. The amount of movement of the sled is maybe a few inches at best. She then proceeds to add on another set of 45s on each side ultimately ending with 3 45lb plates and a 10 lb plate on each side. Each progression, her range of motion becomes less and less. Was waiting for the 2x4s to snap. I actually snuck a couple of pics of her attempting the 2x45s as the whole sight of this was so comical. Not sure if it's appropriate to post up here so you all can see what I'm talking about. I did take the pics obscuring her identity.

The other annoyance was having to sift through the 2.5 lb plates blocking the heavier weights I want at the squat rack. 2.5lb plates at the squat rack, really?
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