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So I took the car to the local track about a month ago... it was warm and humid with DA around 3200. The original 60-100 runs when I got RC GTS Black were done with DA of about 400.

This time 60-100 went up from best of 4.78 to 5.09 seconds. The best 1/4 mile was 11.87... 0-60 was 3.73
Since 60-100 went up by 0.3 sec, I am pretty sure when weather cools down the car is easily capable of mid 11s with just RC tune.
Attached are the dragy results from September.
Great delta's! Thanks for posting
Question, my dragy doesn't even have a 60-100 option but it will track it when doing 60-130?
There is a custom mode where u can assign 60-100 or other parameters... I think you have to be connected to the dragy to see it...
Thank you, I will mess around with it. I keep it in my car and pop it up on dash speaker and do runs sporadically! Anyway great posts. I need to do some stock runs and with Dinan and some with evolve tune and compare all 3. Dinan is respectable in our car, I think close to race chip but hard to compare with how DA and temp changes can really change performance. With Evolve's tune if I am calculating KPH to mph correctly on google I did 4.07 60-100mph.
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