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BMW 5-Series (G30) Forum DIY Discussions / Guides / Instructions DIY: Rear Fog Light Activation/Install for U.S. G30 sedans

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      03-16-2020, 10:49 AM   #1
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DIY: Rear Fog Light Activation/Install for U.S. G30 sedans

So, after a couple weeks of trial and error, I was finally able to get the Rear Fog Lights working on my 2020 530e. Depending on your model year, you may need to add wiring and swap the tail lights with some from an earlier model year, as it seems for some newer model years, BMW is removing the LED diodes from inside the tail lights, in addition to not including the wires from the BDC to the tail lights for the rear fog light activation.

DISCLAIMER: As with all DIY projects, undertake this at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that happens to you or your car!

The first step is to verify if your tail lights have the LED diodes, as seen in this post. If you have the LED diodes, you most likely have the wiring as well, and can proceed to make the coding changes further down the thread.

You will need to replace the headlight switch to add the rear fog light button, as modifying the existing switch no longer seems to work. Instructions for swapping the headlight switch can be found here.

Parts List:
Headlight Switch w/ Rear Fog Button:
For vehicles with Front Fog Lights and with Night Vision: 61319493738
For vehicles with Front Fog Lights and without Night Vision: 61319493734
For vehicles without Front Fog Lights and with Night Vision: 61319493736
For vehicles without Front Fog Lights and without Night Vision: 61319493733

Additionally, if your vehicle does not have the wiring (discussed further down), you will need 3 of the BMW Wiring Connectors, part #61130005197.

Tools Required: (Only if you need to add the wiring or swap the tail lights)
- T-20 Hex Screwdriver
- 8mm Socket
- Flat Head Screwdriver

If your vehicle already has the LED diodes for the Rear Fog Lights, then all you will need to do is make the coding changes below:
All changes are in the BDC_Body2 Module, in the 5FA9 Cafd file
NSL_Verbaut: Change this to "Verbaut"
LCE_BEL_LIN_VAR: Change to match your existing switch, plus "NSL". For example, mine was "39_BEL_PL_FLC_NSW_NIVI", so I changed it to "40_BEL_PL_FLC_NSW_NSL_NIVI". This keeps the incorrect light switch variant error from showing up in ISTA.
LIC_VERSION_DATA: Change this to "UNK_PARAM_5"

This will enable the rear fog lights without changing any of the existing tail light functions.

If you do not have the LED diodes or the wiring at the tail light connectors:

In this case, you will need to find a pair of inner tail lights from an older model G30 that does have the LED Diodes. Some online auctions have detailed pictures where you can see them visible in the photos, or you may need to ask the seller if they are present or to send you additional photos. Alternatively, if you wanted to swap for the Euro tail lights with the amber turn signals, you could also do that. Instructions on how to swap the lights are in the link in the section below.

Wiring: If you do not have the LED diodes in the lights, or you do have them but the above coding did not work to enable the rear fog lights, you will need to check to see if you have the correct wiring running to the tail lights. To do this, you will need to remove the lining from the trunk, instructions on which can be found here. This link also includes instructions on how to replace the tail light units.

Once you are able to access/see the tail light wiring connectors, compare your wiring connectors to the wiring diagram found here, specifically looking at connectors E60 and E58. You are looking for a wire in slot #5 on each of those connectors. If you do not have anything in those connectors, proceed to the steps below.

In order to add the wiring, you will need to run 1 wire from the BDC module, located under the front passenger side footwell, to the tail light area, where it will split off into 2 wires, one running to each inner tail light.

NOTE: You do not need to disconnect the battery in order to add this wiring or swap the tail lights, as there will be no signal on the wiring while the lights are off. However, for safety, disconnecting the battery while working on electrical is always recommended. As a reminder, newer BMW's sometimes have more than 1 battery depending on your configuration.

To run the wire cleanly, you will need to:
- Remove the "Entrance Cover Strips", as seen in Steps 2 and 3 on this link.
- Next, gain access to the BDC module by following Steps 2 through 5 on this link up until you get to the part about disconnecting all connectors, as you will only need to remove connector A258*5B, which is identified here.
- Remove the passenger side rear seat backrest, as shown in Step #2 here.

With these steps done, your next step is to add the wiring. Start by unplugging connector A258*5B, identified above. You will be adding one of the wiring connectors to Pin #20. Once this is done, you can replace the connector in to the BDC. Now, run the wiring along the passenger side of the car. When you get to the B-Pillar, you should be able to pull it out slightly to run the wiring behind it without actually having to remove the trim. Next, when you get to the back seat, run the wiring along the factory harness, and you should be able to run it behind the trunk lining to the passenger side arm of the trunk. Continue to run it along the factory wiring here, making sure to secure it every so often with either small zip ties or electrical/fabric tape. Once you get up to the branch off for the passenger side inner tail light, this is where you will split the single wire in to two, with one continuing to follow along the factory wiring to the driver side inner tail light. For both of these wires, connect the BMW wiring connectors, and insert these connectors in to slot #5 on the tail light wiring plug.

If you have not already done the coding piece, you would now need to go ahead and make those changes. After the coding changes, you can either turn the car or on put it in diagnostic mode, then press the rear fog button, and everything should work. Once you confirm that they are functioning, you can put everything back together inside the car by reversing the steps listed above for the trunk lining and trim pieces.

Voila! You should now have working rear fog lights on your U.S. G30!
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      03-17-2020, 01:30 PM   #2

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Excellent write up!
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      04-05-2020, 01:12 PM   #3
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I am trying to accomplish the same thing on my G20 with minimal luck so far. Also, as I am trying to activate the rear foglight, I want my tail lights to function as the do in ECE cars (separated brake lights from turn signals). this will allow me to install Euro spec tails with amber turn signals.

For G20's on bimmercode, there actually is separate files for US and ECE coding on expert mode. Also Body2 module doesn't exist for G20s, Just one body module. When I switched my car to ECE spec, it sure enough divided the turn signals from brake lights but caused hyper flashing. I am thinking if I install actual Euro Spec tails, it will fix this problem which might also be the case for G30 cars. But this method did not activate the rear fogs. I need to verify if even have them on US spec cars.

I am sad that the days of just getting the Euro Switch and plug it in to get them to work are over.

Your post is a great help to our community. Thanks again!
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