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  1. Performance Pedals DIY
  2. Floor Mats DIY
  3. Index of DIYs
  4. CDV Delete/Replacement DIY
  5. Let's Hardwire my Escort 8500
  6. Let's Euro Headlight Switch the 135 (enable Rear Foglights)
  7. Shadow line grilles...DIY
  8. Let's install the BMW Stainless Pedal Kit
  9. Let's Parcel Net the Center Console
  10. Let's remove the brake and shift boots
  11. Formulas, Conversions and other junk...
  12. Let's install the Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  13. Schroth Rallye 4 Harness Install
  14. DIY Request: Instal Boost Gauge/Vacuum line
  15. Carbon mirror install...
  16. free clutch modification (CDV)
  17. Let's remove/install the Kidney Grills
  18. DIY Request: Home made Shadowline Grills
  19. Alarm DIY
  20. 135i Oil/Filter Change video
  21. Lets Remove the Seatbck (and Install a Stowback)
  22. Ignition Switched fuses??
  23. Great fuse device for adding 12V accessories
  25. Can we adjust the xenons like on the e9x?
  26. throttle/transmission reset & secret menus
  27. CF Mirror Covers Install Video
  28. CF Spoiler Install Video
  29. Valentine 1 Radar Detector Install/Accessing Fuse Panel
  30. How to change interior lighting?
  31. CDV Modification
  32. CF Spoiler Install using the Betalink Adhesive
  33. Roundel Swap-out?
  34. Console Trim Removal
  35. [Request] Golf Tee Mod?
  36. Let's install the Grocery Grabber
  37. Let's install the Rear Sunshades
  38. BMW Performance Front Rotors DIY
  39. Swapping Interior Trim
  40. Let's Remove Various Pieces of Interior Trim
  41. DIY: Get better Gas mileage
  42. Gp Thunder DIY please?
  43. DIY: Golf tee mod / exhaust flapper disable w/ pictures
  44. Golf-tee revisited
  45. Let's remove/install doorsills
  46. REQUEST - Rear Sway Bar Install DIY
  47. REQUEST - Exhaust Install DIY
  48. Oil change checklist
  49. Easy 10 step DIY shadow grills
  50. Let's install a European Warning Triangle
  51. How do you remove the air filter ?
  52. DIY Request - removing rear weight
  53. Link to carbon console trim installed... AndyM please post your DIY when ready
  54. Removal of visor seat belt warnings
  55. Let's remove the center console
  56. DIY: The Ultimate Golf Tee Mod
  57. Need Help ASAP CDV Delete!!
  58. Nuvi Installation instructions
  59. removing head-liner?
  60. How to jack up the car?
  61. Where is the engine computer?
  62. How to change the console 12v source to always have power?
  63. DIY: Fix your blacked out radio display
  64. REQUEST: Short shift kit install
  65. You guys left out a key piece of info regarding oil change.
  66. DIY Request: Ebrake handle swap
  67. REQUEST: Removal of the Front Bumper
  68. How do you hard wire your Radar to the Cig lighter
  69. Rear Diffuser cutout
  70. Adjusting Trunk (Boot) Panel Gaps
  71. REMOVING the two front air dams on 135
  72. DIY: How to see your radio screen w/Polarized Sunglasses
  73. Removing seats?
  74. any DIY for installing downpipes?
  75. Has anyone installed the BMW Performance Part gear knob?
  76. Request: Interior panel replacement
  77. DIY Sirius Install Request
  78. Gunmetal / Dark Chrome Grills
  79. DIY: Passport 8500 x50 Hardwire in 135i Vert
  80. :: Shift Knob Removal / Install (10 Picture Process)
  81. :: Garmin BMW Splash Screen
  82. DIY Request: Auto Gear Selector Swap
  83. DIY Request. Take center dash apart
  84. DIY Request: Orange Turn Signal reflectors
  85. DIY Sunroof Deflector
  86. Let's Install the New Style Wheel Logo Roundels
  87. Radar detector 9500i Passport remote mute button hardwire install
  88. DYI Shadowline Grills with pictures!
  89. DIY Request: Camber Adjustment (Front & Rear)
  90. Side Skirt DIY request
  91. DIY Request: (H3) Cornering lights install
  92. 135i Grill Change Video
  93. Let's Remove the Armrest
  94. Any body take the steering wheel apart?
  95. :: Alcantara Shift Boot
  96. Request - Let's hack the firmware on the radio
  97. UUC Front Swaybar Install
  98. Noticed this during my UUC Shortshift install
  99. DIY Request - BMW Performance Short Throw Shifter
  100. Carbon Fiber Spoiler DIY Request
  101. Active Autowerke Processor/XEDE Installation Instructions
  102. Adaptive Headlights - Do they work on the "on" position?
  103. jack point inserts?
  104. Replacing trunk brake light lens?
  105. replace lowbeam halogen bulb
  106. Request: Change the springs
  107. DIY: How to remove exterior trim
  108. DIY request: sirius tuner
  109. DIY Request - Retrofit iDrive Cup Holder
  110. Installing Tii SideSkirts
  111. DIY Alignment pin removal
  112. DIY: Brake Light Pulser
  113. DIY Request: Transmission Fluid Change
  114. Installing Riss Racing Oil Catch Can ... Tips ?
  115. Riss Racing Oil Catch Can VIDEO DIY!
  116. Requesting Brake Fluid Bleeding Procedure
  117. Let's install european headlights
  118. DIY BOV install?
  119. REQUEST: How do I change my fog light?
  120. OEM Alpine amp and speaker installation instructions
  121. Black to alum. trim: Do I need a new ashtray?
  122. jack stands..
  123. So I removed my armrest.....
  124. DIY Request: Remove door panels to access the speakers.
  125. Cargo Net for 135i Vert
  126. XM SAT aftermarket module
  127. Remove lower grill by Intercooler
  128. How do you reinstall the rearview mirror
  129. Harness Bar
  130. can someone post a DIY on brake pad replacement
  131. First Aid kit in my soon to be 135
  132. Riss Racing 135i Scoops DIY
  133. lug nut torque?
  134. Adjusting the head lights --HELP!
  135. door closing
  136. DIY Rear Sway Help?
  137. Removing the front Dome light cover? Help?
  138. BMW Performance Strut Brace - DIY?
  139. Windshield rubber trim piece removal and installation
  140. Disable Headlight Washers
  141. Riss Racing o2 sim
  142. DIY Down Pipes 1st day
  143. Factory Bluetooth, maybe even assist- only coding left to go!!!
  144. installing REAR license plate?
  145. Let's remove the steering wheel trim
  146. Tomtom Go 720/730 mount
  147. Seat Belt Chime chirp thing
  148. Let's install Riss Racing Stage 2 Intake
  149. How to remove trunk liner to access 3rd brake light?
  150. Missing Left Stalk Menus
  151. DIY - Installing Mud Flaps
  152. Diy Request for Riss racing 135i exhaust
  153. BMS Digital Boost Gauge??
  154. UUC Shortshifter
  155. DIY: Install the dash top storage bin
  156. How to take out side marker lights?
  157. JB3 install - Help Please
  158. Riss Racing DDV Kit DIY
  159. Retrofit Homelink (BMW Universal Transceiver)?
  160. Install Shadowline tips on Performance Exhaust
  161. CDV question
  162. I need help taking my dash apart...?
  163. Installing M door sills
  164. 128i shifter install without jack/lift
  165. Let's remove the rear bumper cover.
  166. The Pipe Dream exhaust mod
  167. NUVI GPS Mount on Cup Holder Stalk
  168. DIY Request - Removing centre console
  169. Fitting M tech steering wheel?
  170. Alarm Question DIY
  171. Alternative way to hardwired your RD (8500)
  172. Rear Tail Lights Anyone?
  173. NEVERMIND. Even brighter halo rings...
  174. An awesome little light for our car
  175. Zip tie golf tee mod?..debadge/spoiler..
  176. Angel Eye headlight upgrade?
  177. OEM 2009 I-Drive Navigation Retrofit
  178. DIY: iDrive Cupholder Retrofit!
  179. Relocate the convertible top up/down and heated seat controls?
  180. Free radio display transparency film!
  181. Official BMW Performance Air Intake System Instructions
  182. Seat removal
  183. DIY Weight Reduction
  184. 128 to 135 front bumper (w/ euro fogs).
  185. DIY Request: Removal of Door Handles & Other Stuff
  186. DIY Request - Steptronic Shifter Knob Replacement
  187. M-tech steering wheel
  188. Battery Disconnection and Settings
  189. Performance stripes install request.
  190. Let's reset the windows limits
  191. Help with jack stand inserts
  192. DIY: The 135 Muffler Innards Mod
  193. Installing the Remus Quad exhaust (56k killer)
  194. DIY Side Skirt Fitting
  195. DIY - HELP - Installing Vinyl Trim
  196. Brake Pads DIY - helps with specific parts
  197. Clip that holds in headlight
  198. Shadow Emblem DIY
  199. debadging - how to remove glue residue?
  200. Oil Change - Max Fill Level Variance
  201. Quick and easy Garage Door Opener DIY
  202. What torque for the wheel bolts?
  203. Adding Chrome Emergency Brake Handle
  204. Foglight bulbs
  205. Looking for a clear laquer
  206. Injen dual cone intake
  207. Changing H3 turning lights
  208. DIY CF mirror caps
  209. Changing the H8 = Fail
  210. Goo Gone safe?
  211. Ambergones DIY?
  212. H3 Cornering Lamp Bulb Replacement DIY
  213. Need Measurements On Jack Pad Adapter
  214. DIY: Add a remote mute button to your Valentine One
  215. Removing rear rotors... HOW???
  216. DIY - Brake Bleeding, Adding/Replacing Brake Fluid Procedure
  217. DIY Request: High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) Replacement
  218. DIY: install Injen intake for 135/335 - scanned guide
  219. How long to install catted downpipes?
  220. B&M SSK Install story (long)
  221. Removing Rear Roundel
  222. DIY Request: remove the instrument cluster
  223. DIY Seatbelt Chime Delete E87/E90 euro spec
  224. DIY: JB+/SSTT Skinny man install
  225. Stupid Question
  226. looking for body trim parts online
  227. Scratched the screen... now what... *sigh*
  228. DIY Request: Install Springs
  229. Clear bra/paint film
  230. DIY: Headlight Level Adjustment
  231. DIY: Vinyl Roof
  232. Quick Oil Drain Valve
  233. brake pad change on 135i
  234. DIY Request: How to install smartphone eject box into 09 135i
  235. Anyone installed an oil cooler?
  236. DIY Request: How to jack the car...
  237. navi no bmw into original screen
  238. Hotchkis Sway Endlinks Issue
  239. requesting DIY premium sound install
  240. Remove Ashtray lid?
  241. Alarm install
  242. Reset the Ecu after install?
  243. is it possible to change the splash image on the stock nav?
  244. Upgrade the Rearview
  245. Remove Lower Front Grill
  246. DIY: Kidney Grille Painting
  247. Rear fog lights on 128i?
  248. DIY: Cheap Amber Delete
  249. DIY Request: Change 6MT, differential lubricant
  250. DIY Request: Remove Air Bag Decals on Sunvisors