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  1. The Ultimate Order / Ship Tracking Guide!
  2. For all those waiting for cars wondering what happens at VPC/VDC.
  3. Order Status Production Code # reference chart
  4. Just placed deposit
  5. Want to put a deposit down. Am I thinking this correctly?
  6. Socal Dealers taking deposits
  7. M3 Pricing
  8. Wait List???
  9. How much did you deposit?
  10. Price for M3 - below MSRP?
  11. How frequent will a dealer get new car?
  12. ED (european delivery) for E92 M3?
  13. How long will it take to get your new M3
  14. dealers that take deposit for msrp
  15. Long Beach BMW - good spots available on wait list
  16. how to on my down payment
  17. Buying M3 through european delivery may not be cheaper
  18. When does BMW release the E92 M3 in Europe?
  19. ED Question
  20. When will the E93 M3 Cabriolet be released in Europe?
  21. Buying an M3 in Europe and shipping it to the USA?
  22. When will M3 be ready in the US?
  23. MSRP in bay area?
  24. Leasing the new M3
  25. WOO HOO!!! just placed a deposit
  26. Prestige BMW/NJ spots open first allocation
  27. Multiple deposits a good idea?
  28. Put down deposit feel duped!
  29. Ordering In Turkey
  30. Official M3 German Pricelists now online
  31. Good US price analysis/estimate
  32. Who ordered it in Europe so far?
  33. European Delivery
  34. Found Bay Area Waitlist at MSRP
  35. BMW M3 cost/discount
  36. UK build date yet?
  37. Great spots in line in TX
  38. $49,900 for 2008 m3?
  39. Any news on options or pricing for M3?
  40. E92 M3 base price here (S. Africa) is $92,857
  41. Costco pricing on the M3 in the US: can one get a better deal?
  42. Dealer Price List for car and options - UK
  43. UK Delivery Dates?
  44. My #2 spot in line
  45. M3 Deposit Contract?
  46. New Zealand gets RIPPED, M3 pricing...
  47. BMW M3 Pricing Leaked?
  48. My #1 Spot, Yes #1
  49. M3 on www.bmw.de with pricing
  50. Waiting List question / NJ
  51. 2008 M3 Base Price - Real Calculations
  52. San Diego Dealer Review
  53. When should i place my order?
  54. Is it true m3 convertible next year?
  55. Quick deposit question please...
  56. Dealer allocation: do smaller dealers wait longer?
  57. E92 M3 for sale in Norway; $270000
  58. Allocations
  59. Price Theory.
  60. When will US pricing be announced?
  61. Canadian Pricing Estimates
  62. Good News indeed!!!!
  63. Mexico Pricing release (US increase?)
  64. U.S. Pricing Q...
  65. Australian M3 pricing...
  66. E92 M3 is over priced!
  67. UK Residuals
  68. Got a call from the dealer today
  69. New X6 and M3 price?
  70. Military Sales Help
  71. Pricing of the New M3 around the world?
  72. Am I the only one in the world who is happy with M3 pricing?
  73. Base Price of M3?
  74. New And Potentially Positive Pricing Info
  75. Local BMW Dealer
  76. #5 at MSRP - Question
  78. M3 price estimate - 10% more than e46 M3
  79. US Ordering Question
  80. U.S. M3 Price mathed out
  81. Should I get Supaguard Paint Seal and Leather Protection ?
  82. Question for EU members: saving by buying in the US?
  83. U.K. Order Tracking
  84. Canadian dollar on the rise.
  85. High end German car manufacturers to cut MRSP by 15% in 2008 in CANADA
  86. Waitlists in US legit?
  87. BMW UAE is raping us with the new M3 price!
  88. # 2 Spot at Paul Miller
  89. Canadian over US
  90. Write A Letter: It Helped!
  91. Lease vs. Finance
  92. Lease vs. Finance
  93. Dealer BS
  94. Any word on when US pricing will be released?
  95. e90 M3 waiting list (US)
  96. Avoid long waiting lists!
  97. MSRP sedan vs coupe. how much of a difference?
  98. Calling any M3 LEASING experts
  99. Trade in 335i for M3
  100. M3 price in Finland
  101. M3 East Coast Availability
  102. So, would it be safe to assume that an M3
  103. Sedan Vs. Coupe Wait time?
  104. European Model Question
  105. E90 M3 Deposit Without a #
  106. 2008 335xi sedan question
  107. BMW Confirms: M3 coupe production in December 2007. Sedan unknown. Both debut Spring.
  108. US BMW Allocation's VIN and Ordering...a Primer
  109. To Get MDrive you have to get the Tech package?!
  110. CF roof vs sunroof Option? Anybody ordering he sunroof and why?
  111. List of US M3 Coupe options w/ Option Codes
  112. More E92 M3 MSRP Speculation...$60,750???
  113. Spoke with my dealer today
  114. BMW of Southampton (NY)
  115. Best UK M3 insurance premiums ?
  116. US$ tanking vs. Euro - Effect on M3 cost?
  117. E90 M3 South African pricing out ...
  118. U.S. dealership just called and took my order...
  119. List of US M3 Sedan options w/ Option Codes
  120. Does BMW do custom colors?
  121. Please help me choose my color interior
  122. Multiple repeat customer discount?
  123. M3 Sedan not in the states until Early 2009?
  124. M3 Pricing is $62,000 Base, $70,000 loaded
  125. What's blue-gray trim?
  126. Orders in Ireland...
  127. $80,000 E90/92 M3?
  128. LA Auto Show - $80,000 E90 M3
  129. Enhanced Premium Sound with Nav only?
  130. Evidence that Mag Price Estimates are wrong
  131. La autoshow said $65k for M3
  132. US M3 pricing sensitivity analysis
  133. Breaking News -M3 Base Price/Options Info -"Sourced Est."
  134. Has anyone else in the U.S. moved way up on the waiting list?
  135. Price in the US based on Mexico price
  136. E92 M3 US pricing - educated math
  137. 111-Order Accepted
  138. E92 M3 Performance Center Delivery?
  139. Order Accepted in Southern CA !
  140. Q's on EU Delivery
  141. US lease estimate questions
  142. M3 Pricing from Boston Auto Show Rep
  143. Order form and options
  144. how long would you think the waiting list is?
  145. Dealer not receiving orders (US)
  146. Euro delivery for E92 M3
  147. Canadian allotment
  148. You know what.....
  149. BMW, I have an OFFER
  150. What exactly is "Extended Leather?
  151. Fed statement - BMWUSA Pricing
  152. E92 M3 - Option 761 Individual Sun Protection Glazing - Side and rear glass only?
  153. BMWUSA.com Re-design
  154. My VERY Painful Decision
  155. Hellllloooooo...helllllooooo?
  156. Anyone else hear this?
  157. No orders being taken
  158. 2 M3 spots available
  159. BMW NA E92 M3 Brochure Recieved
  160. Anyone know how long it will be until dealerships will have a few to chose from?
  161. BMW to cut 8k jobs
  162. anybody know how long the wait is for the e92 m3?
  163. E92 M3 for sale.....
  164. M3 rarity - numbers crunch
  165. How much are you willing to pay in the US for the BASE M3 @ MSRP?
  166. Interesting Note on US vs. German Pricing...
  167. Paranoid, or legit?
  168. I have a production # (West Coast US)
  169. I Had A Dream....
  170. Anyone else getting seriously pissed about pricing...
  171. Morristown BMW and BMW of Manhattan screwing the waitlist
  172. Planning European Delivery
  173. Deferred Allocation
  174. Couldnt Wait Any Longer.
  175. Is $62,500...
  176. Price range of the old M3
  177. BMW UK Tax free sales
  178. If you did ED with an M3.............
  179. Possible pricing on Monday?
  180. Pricing coming today at 4PM....?
  181. Calling Xcellere: Your car is in Production
  182. We should have a lottery on base MSRP...
  183. US Launch?
  184. Something is happening
  185. About Gas Guzzler tax...
  186. I guess I should post my status 112 screen dump as well
  188. Pricing will be announce Monday in Detroit
  189. To all those ordering without a test drive/pricing/having seen it IRL
  190. The courage tipped over today at the port in Jersey City causing damage over 300 cars
  191. BMW Announces pricing for the M3 Coupe and Sedan - Official Price: $57,275 / $54,575
  192. Optioned M3 pricing scenarios
  193. M3 Invoice Price (my estimates)
  194. Configure and price your M3 (spreadsheet)
  195. M3 Sedan Standard Moonroof
  196. Official BMW USA M3 Option Pricing released!
  197. Official Option Prices in...
  198. Any of your dealers notify you of pricing?
  199. M3 Dealer Bulletin
  200. Dealer Markup
  201. @008 M3 Pricing, Released
  202. Production Allocation Question!
  203. MIL (military sales) info of interest to all
  204. Gas Guzzler Tax
  205. Epacy
  206. Any Word On The Msp For The M3
  207. Money Factors & Residuels??????
  208. Is BMW actually holding the cars until march?
  209. how much we can save by using European delivery?
  210. What does it mean when CA says we can config. the car?
  211. Excited
  212. Dropping #1 allocation to hold out for M-DKG
  213. M-DCT/ M-DKG Pricing Details
  214. Who is seriously considering the E92 M3 due to official price release?
  215. M-DCT avaliable in the US ordering system next week
  216. Waiting list are just BullS%&
  217. Just placed my order
  218. Bill Of Sale ???
  219. Order info from my dealer in Dallas.
  220. 2 Allocations for my dealership....
  221. Anyone have their monthly price yet?
  222. My offer for a new E92 M3
  223. Question about interior trim
  224. UK M3 Cabrio Price Announce
  225. Ordered my new M3
  226. Whats your wait on your 08 M3?
  227. who's paying above sticker?
  228. Can i track my car somehow with the vin #..
  229. Going to have to wait until 09!!
  230. Anyone ordered in south Florida?
  231. Make my july07 order firm tomorow!!!
  232. Is anyone selecting i-Drive as an option?
  233. Buying M3 in US and bringing to Canada?
  234. New Developments
  235. For those how made a deposit....
  236. M-DKG removed from 4-door orders for now?
  237. Anyone in Canada manage to order M-DCT/DKG??
  238. Queue vs 'official order' in system?
  239. (2MK) M-DKG US orders recap
  240. UK 4 door production
  241. military sales orders accepted yet?
  242. Question
  243. Washington DC Auto Show Official Posted Option Pricing
  244. space gray in sedan?
  245. Ultimate mark up price!!!
  246. First allocations...
  247. delete stupid post
  248. Military Sales and Sales Tax?
  249. Foot rest is std in the US?
  250. experience with Sirius....